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Affix app lets you manage tasks and email templates | ThinkiOS

Affix app lets you to manage tasks and email templates

by Zaib Ali on October 10, 2011

Affix app for iOS devices lets you to manage your tasks by letting you to save or email your tasks by using task bucket or email templates. The approach that Affix takes is to start typing your tasks immediately after tapping the appropriate task bucket or email template, so there is no need to save it in an inbox and move it to a project/context later. This saves a lot of time for you.

You can create email templates for those you frequently send task emails to, for example:

If you frequently email expenses to Bob at work, create a template called Bob Expenses with his email address in the To field and Subject: “Expenses”. Body: “Material expense: $”.
By selecting Bob Expenses from the “Collect” screen, an email will be automatically drafted to him with “Expenses” on the subject and “Material expense: $” on the body.

Email Templates Benefits are as following:

  • Save time by making templates of information you send frequently to family or co-workers.
  • Make emailing web services like Evernote a breeze.
  • Use your email as a task manager.
  • Email yourself reminders quickly.

Similarly you can create task buckets containing your tasks that can easily be marked as done, follow up, or emailed in groups. You can sort all your tasks by organizing them in buckets that you can name as you wish. Task Buckets include contexts, projects, etc.

Task Buckets Benefits are:

  • Collect tasks as they come to you in the right context.
  • All your tasks in one list, grouped by the task bucket’s name.
  • Keep track of when a task was created or completed.
  • Create GTD Contexts.
  • Mark tasks as Follow up by making a left swipe on them.
  • Right swipe on a task will mark it as completed.

You can download Affix for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad for $0.99 from the App Store here

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